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What we offer




What We offer


  • Training - Including specialist and tailor made individual or corporate packages to suit you or your agency or service




  • Mentoring and one to one coaching




  • Assessment services



About us


We are a small business run by experienced Social work practitioners with an extensive Children’s services background, who are committed to delivering quality Training and Professional Services. It is important to us that your individual needs are met and we are dedicated to achieving outcomes for you, your service or organisation, whether these are short term or long term goals.

We know how important your continued development is and that this creates a work force which is confident and skilled in delivering to a high standard. We know the value of good training and the impact it can have on performance and the quality of professional practice.

Customer satisfaction is really important to us and we will offer you a personalised service to uphold this commitment to you.

All of our trainers and Professional service providers hold relevant qualifications, accreditation and professional registration, along with extensive field practice.

Our Quality Service creates VALUE FOR MONEY for you, your Agency or Business.




Why us and our commitment


‘’ We love what we do and we enjoy inspiring achievement’’


‘’We are experienced practitioners with a wealth of hands on experience in Social work practice’’


‘’ We all have a responsibility when it comes to the lives of the most vulnerable children in society and we are dedicated to bringing change for children’’


‘’Our next step as experienced professionals is to share our knowledge to empower others to continue effective change and better outcomes for children and our next generation’’


‘’Our years of experience has given us a broad range of experience with many client groups ‘’


‘’ We intend to uphold our reputation for providing a quality service and that personal touch. We pride ourselves with frequent word of mouth referrals ’’



Our Training Services Explained


Training - Including tailor made packages to suit you, your agency or service needs.


 All training is delivered by experienced professionals who are currently working in the children and families field.



  • Promote good practice
  • Promote better outcomes for children
  • Promote stability for children
  • Value for money


We provide quality training that will be;


  • Professional
  • Inspiring
  • Powerful
  • Motivational
  • Interactive
  • Empowering
  • Dynamic
  • Practical
  • Effective and have an impact on

your service or business


We can provide training catering for all levels in small or large groups.  We will bring practical examples from day to day practice to develop your skills.

We will provide all training materials, hand outs and certificates.


Courses available include

Training for Foster Carers, Social Workers, Housing Officers, Health Professionals, Teachers and Education Professionals.

Topics :

  • Child Protection
  • Private Fostering
  • Safe caring
  • HIV and disability
  • Understanding Sexual Abuse
  • Assessment skills / Report writing
  • Form F Assessment Training
  • Life story work
  • Skills to Foster
  • Social skills for children and adolescents
  • Behaviour management
  • Keeping effective records
  • Professional development and Leadership
  • Supporting children in the learning environment
  • Preparation for leaving care
  • Preparation for independent living and Pathway plans


The training will involve



  • Interactive methods of learning


  • Group work and interactive exercises


  • Use of case examples from your day to day practice


  • Training videos (where relevant)


  • Problem solving and Practical skills


  • Sharing ideas


  • A training pack to take away with you


  • We will provide certificates for all courses


  • Will be fully committed to confidentiality



If you are an Agency worker or


Independent social worker :



  • We can help you to develop your practice and Assessment skills


  • Promote your employment prospects


  • Consolidate your knowledge and experience


  • Help improve your confidence


  • Develop professionalism







We Offer


  • Twighlight and weekend sessions.


  • Experienced professional trainers who have practical hands on experience.


  • Our Trainers are up to date with current practice


  • Training delivered in a way which is easy to understand and is thought provoking and Self reflective


  • We use case studies to make each training session relevant and applicable


  • Courses are interactive, structured and well presented.


  • We know you learn from experience and our trainers incorporate their  professional experience





Professional Services Explained :


Mentoring and One to One Coaching

We provide Mentoring and Coaching services to professionals who want that extra support on a one to one basis. This service is tailor made to suit your individual requirements and is particularly suitable for Managers, Business owners and Practitioners. We can provide you with Mentoring through new areas of practice, Coaching in Leadership, Business Coaching and much more. Please contact us to discuss your specific requirements.

If you want to develop specific skills or increase your confidence and practice through one to one support, this service will suit your needs. This will promote your employment opportunities if you are a Social worker or enhance your performance as a Manager, Leader and or Small Business owner.


Assessment services

We provide Assessment Services to Local Authorities and Private Agencies. We offer experienced Assessors including for


Form F’s, SGO assessments, Parenting assessments

Core and Initial assessments, Adoption assessments

All assessments are fully quality assured and delivered within agreed deadlines.



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